2014 Murder: 76 years old Mustafa Bingol was murdered by PKK

2014 katliami In Tekman Erzurum, Mustafa Bingol was murdered by PKK in front of his house (19 November 2014) because he has reported PKK to police as the terrorist group was forcing villagers to do work for them.

Terrorists -a group of 6- went to the Haciomer Village (Tekman, Erzurum) around midnight and rang the doorbell of Mustafa Bingol. Once the door was opened, Mustafa Bingol was killed immediately by gunfire.

Murat Bingol, the nephew of the victim said; “My uncle was known with his thoughts and behaviors against PKK. Around 3 weeks ago, terrorists came to the village, forced villagers to cook for them. My uncle went to the police office and reported this illegal activity. On the murder night, terrorists went to my uncle’s doorstep, convinced him to open the door by introducing them as army members. As soon as he opened the door, terrorists murdered him. Luckily other members of the family managed to save their lives by hiding inside the house”.


Pinarcik Massacre

Pınarcık KatliamıOn 20th of June 1987, PKK attacked Pinarcik Village of Mardin where the majority of the residents were the families of “Temporary Villager Security Forces” (this department was organized by Turkish Government. All security forces were chosen from local villagers to fight against terrorists).

As a result of this attack 30 people, 16 of which were kids, were murdered by PKK.
Around 30 militants of PKK attacked Pinarcik Village (which was comprised of 16 families, 60 members in total). They not only murdered 30 innocent villagers, but also killed the farming animals and burnt the houses.

pınarcık katliamı




After the attack terrorists left the following flier in the Village:

bildiri Translation

“The employees of the fascist Turkey (referring to the Temporary Villager Security Forces), nothing can protect you from our bullets. Before getting involved into more crime against your own people (the vast majority of the population in South East Turkey are of Kurdish origins, including the Temporary Villager Security Forces) surrender to us and face our justice.”


PKK, whose atrocities indeed included slaying infants in their cradles, and the supporters of this group of murderers even today are trying to put the blame on the Turkish Arms Forces.

In contrast to their accusations, the responsibility of The Massacre of Pinarcik was admitted by PKK from the day first, and not only that, they have also been boasting about the massacre.

Let’s see what the official media of PKK said on the subject:

pinarcik massacre

(English translation is below)

MASSACRE OF PINARCIK – SERXWEBUN August, 1987 special issue, page:8
-7th April, 1987, in the region of Andac- Cukurca in an ambush to an enemy convoy 1 private killed. 1 sergent and more than 10 privates injured.
– 17th April,1987, in rural area of Idil- Mardin (Hell Creek) 15 privates killed in the clash between Liberation Troops and the enemy forces.
– The outpost of Dest Village- Dersim was ambushed, the attack resulted with high numbers of dead and injured for the enemy.
– 12th June 1 contr-guerilla member was killed in central Dicle.
– A traitor named Aydin Acun was punished with death in town Kerboran- Midyat.
– 16th June, 1987 a private injured in a clash in central Lice- Diyarbakir.
– 17th June, 1987 5 traitors were punished with death in the plateau of Cemereke- Sirnak.
** -19th June, 1987 in the mission executed in Pinarcik, 31 village rangers with their families were killed.
-In the night of 23rd July in an attack to the small village Akdemir, of Umurlu- Semdinli 10 bandits(rangers) were punished.
– 25th July the mission of Uludere resulted with high number of death and injured for the enemy force.
– 31st July the traitor named Hidir Kilicaslan was punished with death in Kuyubasi, Akoren Village- Hozat.
– 31st July, 1987 the result of the 16 hour battle in Ortabag, Uludere was the deaths of 2 privates and 1 ranger.


Well, what is Apo saying here? He is boasting about being a murderer of small kids:


SERXWEBUN Periodical 1987, June Issue THE COMMENTS OF APO ON PINARCIK MASSACRE political village meetings, as most recently on the 21st of June the noble mission against the village rangers in Pinarcik, a village of Omerli, has been the pinnacle of likewise mission series. Following Pinarcik, with their phrase "national crisis" started in Tukish colonialism, and the progress of Kurdish National Liberation Combat has been actualized,..

SERXWEBUN Periodical 1987, June Issue
“… political village meetings, as most recently on the 21st of June the noble mission against the village rangers in Pinarcik, a village of Omerli, has been the pinnacle of likewise mission series. Following Pinarcik, with their phrase “national crisis” started in Tukish colonialism, and the progress of Kurdish National Liberation Combat has been actualized,..”


· Let’s have a closer look at the incident for those who do not comprehend the above statement.

"19th June, 1987, in the operation carried out in Pinarcik 31 village rangers with their immediate relatives were assassinated. "

“19th June, 1987, in the operation carried out in Pinarcik 31 village rangers with their immediate relatives were assassinated. “


Despite not being accurate on the date, Pkk media has always admitted the responsibility fort his savage massacre, and published articles accordingly.

The reason Murderer Apo was given the nickname “Baby Slayer” was the Pinarcik Massacre, his statement regarding the massacre proves how fitting is the nickname.

Below you will see that Karayilan, one of the PKK leaders, is accepting Pinarcik Massacre and other massacres in his book “Anatomy Of A War”.


Karayilan Acknowledges the Massacres

Karayilan puts an end to the debates with admitting for the first time that PKK was the culprit of these massacres.
Regarding the massacres he accuses some of the Pkk commanders, and describes the events as amoral:


pinarcik karayilan

(Translation is below)

“To groups proceeding around Mardin, in unison, carried out attacks starting from Mardin till Botan. However, some of those attacks were executed wrongly, and to this day we are still critical of them.

Those attacks resulted with civilian deaths.There was no instruction of targetting civilians.
That was done solely through the group’s atig o their own initiative.

Under the name of acting as bands (gangs) in places like Pinarli, etc (*Here, he most likely means Pinarcik) they carried out assaults with the out-come of dead civilians, women, child aged people lying on the ground.

Obviously there was a situation of great divergence from the main objective. Inclination towards this kind of targets took place for the first time in Mardin. It is known that later on similar atrocities occured in Botan as well.”

For the massacres, Karayilan puts the blame on the group he calls by “Quartet Gang”, consisting of Hogir nicknamed Cemil Isik, Kor Cemal, Terzi Cemal and Semdin Sakik, and continues to tell how later they were all expelled from the organization. Karayilan’s self criticism does not end here. Again implying this “quartet gangs” he openly criticizes the assassinations by the organization.

PKK’s own description of the details regarding Pinarcik Massacre that left some civilians and children slayed

pinarcik massacre by pkk

Translation: “The attack of Pinarcik exhibited realities which cannot be denied.  A fully armed ARGK group of 80 encircled the village which is  situated a few kms near Omerli, and exterminated the enemy. ARGK fighters showed a great tactical and combative spirit, and took the initiation for exterminating the enemy and seizing all the equipment of the occupiers. The nearby  enemy forces were inefficient, and could not intervene for the scare of their own lives.”




The killings of women and children have been acknowledged by PKK for many times, Turkish courts have also proved the actual facts of the massacre. With all the evidence, those who are stil trying to put the blame on The State are frauds.

The only reality: Pkk, and Apo are child murderers. There is blood of babies, women, youngsters on their hands.

Savur Massacre

PKK attacked to Ormancık and Akyürek villages of Savur province in Mardin with RPGs and gas bombs and killed 21 people including 11 children on 21 January 1994.

PKK assumed the responsibiltiy of attacks and published a declaration related to the attacks in January 94 edition of its Serxwebun magazine. The declaration:

savur massacre

“Menda and Eskılan (Kurdish names of those villages) ranger villages located around Benedura area of Savur province were raided by guerillas. A lot of gangsters / bandits (Rangers and their families called gangsters or bandts by PKK) killed of wounded.”

Savur Katliamı

24.01.1994, Milliyet newspaper, headline

THESE CHILDREN were other “GANGSTERS” killed by PKK on that attack.


Savur katliamı

Bilal DÜZGÜN was 12 years old when he died in that attack. Doctors was said that he had been killed with a kind of chemical gas. – 23.01.1994, Milliyet newspaper headline

Two seperate PKK group attacked the Ormancık and Akyürek villages simultaneously on 21 January 1994 around 8 PM. Rangers were responded quickly and clashes lasted until early morning hours and Rangers lost 4 of their friends during confrontation.

Savur katliamı

A Ranger family after the attack. They were crying for their daughter who was killed by PKK.

Rangers sent their wives and children to safehouses in the villages when PKK terrorists atacked but later PKK terrorists targeted those safehouses and opened fire with automatic rifles, RPGs and later on gas bombs and grenades. During attacks to the safehouses 15 women and children died and 8 were heavily wounded. Wounded women and children were taken to the Mardin Public Hospital but a child, Bilal Düzgün (12) died on the way to hospital.

Victims of these bloody attacks:

⦁ Hüsnü DÜZGÜN – M (80 Years old)
⦁ Hanım DÜZGÜN – F (75 Years old)
⦁ Resul FİDAN – M (66 Years old)
⦁ Zeynep DÜZGÜN – F (40 Years old)
⦁ İsmail AYKAL – M (40 Years old)
⦁ Sevi AYKAL – F (35 Years old)
⦁ Mehmet Şirin DÜZGÜN – M (23 Years old)
⦁ Sabiha DÜZGÜN – F (21 Years old)
⦁ Cemile DÜZGÜN – F (20 Years old)
⦁ Cemal DÜZGÜN – M (20 Years old)
⦁ Melekşah DÜZGÜN – M (18 Years old)
⦁ Seve DÜZGÜN – F (18 Years old )
⦁ Behiye FİDAN – F (18 Years old )
⦁ İmran DÜZGÜN – F (15 Years old)
⦁ Bilal DÜZGÜN – M (12 Years old)
⦁ Feride DÜZGÜN – F (10 Years old)
⦁ Hüseyin DÜZGÜN – M (7 Years old)
⦁ Fahri DÜZGÜN – M (7 Years old)
⦁ Dilber DÜZGÜN – F (4 Years old)
⦁ Hüseyin AYKAL
⦁ and an Unnamed Victim

Tunceli Tavuk Village Massacre

In October 9, 1993, the TDKP (Turkish Revolutonist Communist Party) camp in Tunceli Hozat’s Tavuk (present name is Kardelen) Village was raided by Kurdish terrorist group PKK. 6 TDKP members were killed by the PKK fire and 2 were severely injured. Also 2 people were kidnapped by PKK.

PKK, who are also known by their interorganizational assasinations, declared that they won’t tolerate any left wing organizations beside themselves and called these organisations schemers through their media which is Serxwebun:

tunceli tavuk village massacre

Serxwebun, 1993 October, issue 142, page 3 Link: http://www.solyayin.com/serxwebun-142-101993.html

After the events TDKP announced the conflict in their Informatics Journal in October 13, 1993:


Informatics Journal
Kurdish Revolution Commitee
13th October, 1993, Special Issues

We are strongly condemning the PKK ambush in Hozat Tavuk Village which concluded in 6 TDKP casualties and 2 severe injuries.

In October 9 Saturday Kurdish Revolutionary Communist leader Hasan Aldemir was being commemorated by our people and his comrades in his second anniversary of death. After the commemoration people disbanded in groups. One of the groups went to Tavuk Village. Armed propaganda group later stops in a near spot to Tavuk in order to eat and rest. Unaware of a disgraceful ambush, 6 hearts beating for our people’s revolution, socialism and upcoming days of freedom, shot dead by a rain of hundreds of bullets, 2 militias were also injured.

PKK who killed 6 and injured 2 militias of TDKP Kurdistan organisation left the area with the chants of happiness and pleasure of killing these people. They murdered Yusuf Aydar, Düzgün Çakmak, Hidayet Dumlu, İbrahim Diskaya and two other comrades whose identities are still unknown also injured 2 militias. This event is surely a disgraceful stain on our people’s history of revolution. All of the dead revolutionists were also wanted by Turkish Government and eluded their death squads many times with courage.

On the oher hand PKK has been punishing, threatening our people and collecting money from them by force while TDKP was condemning these acts which created a symphaty in our people towards our organization. PKK was clearly disturbed by this symphaty. These events led PKK to do these assasinations and this fact is clearly known by our people.

Villagers and citizens of Tunceli are impulsed by the fake scenarios of PKK where they declare people counter guerilla and kill them. The are destroying or declaring counter guerilla everyone that oppose to their ideas which leads to serious impulsions amongst our people against them.

yolalan massacre by pkk

Yolalan Massacre – October 25th, 1993

yolalan massacre

“Militia punished 4 teachers who were in collaboration with the enemy in Yolalan village of Bitlis. Furthermore 2 primary schools, 1 secondary school and a health clinic were burned down by PKK militia. ” – 26th October, 1993 (Here PKK is acknowledging the killings of 4 teacher, but not mentioning the little girl Betül Tekin.)

On the evening of the 25th October,1993 militants of the kurdish terroristic organization PKK striked the town of Yolalan, and savagely murdered 4 teachers and a two year old girl.

The attack, which was also admitted by PKK in their own press, happened after Adullah Öcalan’s intructions to murder all those with Turkish ID working in the region without a permit from PKK, especially teachers. The result of these instructions was violent murders of 4 teachers and a 2 years old girl by the PKK thugs.

The kurdish fascists first assared Geography teaher Adurraha Nafiz Özağrıaçık ad Religion/ Ethics teacher Ergin Komut with machine guns in front of the school, later found and murdered the couple Bayram and Yasemin, and their 2 years old daughter who were hiding in a house in the village of Düz. These people, regardless of the regional difficulties and threats to their lives, of whose only objective was bringing education to the children of the region, were savagely murdered by PKK terrorists, this massacre has been documented and accepted as described here by both the TR state, and PKK.

9 years after this massacre more details have been revealed in a book written by a PKK confesser; a kurdish worker of the health clinic (which was the first site visited by the assaulters) Celalettin Toktas persuaded the Özbağrıaçık and Komut families to be out of the building where they took refuge, and therefore caused their murders by the hands of PKK monsters. This person is now in a prison serving life sentence.

The names of the 4 martyr teachers of the Yolalan Massacre have been given to schools in our country, and a nursery school has been named after our Betül daughter who was murdered as shot down at the back at the age of 2.

They are all immortal for us.


Yolalan Katliamı 1993 Şehidi

(29.07.1962 – 25.10.1993)

Born in Osmaniye in 1962, she was a graduate of Biology Department of Kazım Karabekir Faculty, Atatürk University. She was appointed as a teacher to the Merkez Düzköy Erikli village Primary School in Bitlis city. While an employee of this school, on the date 25.10.1993 with her husband who also was a teacher, and with her only child Betül became a martyr.

Her name is given to a primary school in Tatvan.


Yolalan Katliamı 1993

(18.04.1964 – 25.10.1993)
Born in 1964 in Kırşehir, after graduatig from Biology Departmet of the Faculty of Kazım Karabekir, Atatürk University he was appointed as a teacher to Secondary School of Merkez Düzköy Erikli village in Bitlis. During his employment he became a martyr on the 25.10.1993 with his also a teacher wife, and daughter Betül.

His name is given to a primary school in Tatvan.


Abdurrahman Nafiz ÖZBAĞRIAÇIK

Abdurrahman Nafiz ÖZBAGRIACIK
(01.02.1957 – 25.10.1993)

Born in 1957 in Konya, a graduate of Geography Department of University of Anadolu, A. N. Özağrıaçık worked i Istaul etwee the years 1982 – 1991, then appointed to the Yolalan Village Secondary School in Bitlis as a deputy head teacher. While serving in that position became a martyr on the 25.10.1993.

A primary school in Hizan county, Bitlis has been named after him.


Yolalan Katliamı 1993

(07.09.1959 – 25.10.1993)

Born in 1959 in Kocaeli, he was graduated from Theology Faculty, University of Marmara. While working as a Religious Culture and Ethics teacher for the Yolalan Village Secondary School, Bitlis he became a martyr on the 25.10.1993.

His name is given to a primary school in Bitlis.