Pkk'nın Üstlendiği Eylemler

Mit, Jitem, Devlet değil; VAHŞİ, IRKÇI, FAŞİST PKK!!!

Basbaglar Massacre

On 5 July 1993, fascist Kurdish terror organization PKK slaughtered 33 people in Erzincan/Kemaliye Basbaglar Village and burnt the village. They killed 28 people gathering them on the Village square … Devamını oku

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Hamzali Massacre

Hamzali Massacre was done and undertaken by Pkk on 01.01.1995. As a result of Pkk attack, 20 civilian villagers – most of them are children and women- were slaughtered wildly. … Devamını oku

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Hani Massacre

On 9th of November 1992, PKK attached Diyarbakir Hani. Initially terrorists targetted government buildings such as post offices, courts and the Army Center. Then they started setting up cars on … Devamını oku

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Pinarcik Massacre

On 20th of June 1987, PKK attacked Pinarcik Village of Mardin where the majority of the residents were the families of “Temporary Villager Security Forces” (this department was organized by … Devamını oku

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Savur Massacre

PKK attacked to Ormancık and Akyürek villages of Savur province in Mardin with RPGs and gas bombs and killed 21 people including 11 children on 21 January 1994. PKK assumed … Devamını oku

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Tunceli Tavuk Village Massacre

In October 9, 1993, the TDKP (Turkish Revolutonist Communist Party) camp in Tunceli Hozat’s Tavuk (present name is Kardelen) Village was raided by Kurdish terrorist group PKK. 6 TDKP members … Devamını oku

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Yolalan Massacre – October 25th, 1993

On the evening of the 25th October,1993 militants of the kurdish terroristic organization PKK striked the town of Yolalan, and savagely murdered 4 teachers and a two year old girl. … Devamını oku

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Acikyol Massacre (6 children were among those who were killed)

7th of March 1987 the fascist Kurdish terrorist organisation PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) killed 8 people including 6 children in Acikyol village located in Nusaybin district of Mardin. The villagers … Devamını oku

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