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Hani Massacre

Hani katliamı

Media wing of PKK – Serxwebun, 1992 November issues, page 20

On 9th of November 1992, PKK attached Diyarbakir Hani. Initially terrorists targetted government buildings such as post offices, courts and the Army Center. Then they started setting up cars on fire and attached houses and flats randomly.

12 people died on this attach including; 4 kids and 4 women. It is believed that Semdin Sakik (PKK’s Diyarbakir authority) organized this attack. This was also acknowledged PKK on their local magazine (Serxwebun) in November 1992.

PKK'nın Hani saldırısı


The witnesses described the night as;

Around 200 PKK members started surrounding Hani around 7.30pm. Meanwhile another PKK group blocked the motorway to Hani to prevent army support to go into the county.

First they started attacking government buildings with machine guns and rocket launchers. One group surrounded “Military Housing”, forced residents to go out by threatening to set the buildings on fire. Once the residents went out, terrorists started the heavy gunfire on them.

Military Office Employee Kemal Ay, his wife Nesrin Ay, their son Mustafa ay (6 years old) along with their guests civil servant Suleyman Dalgin, his wife Fatma Dalgin (26), their daughter Sedef Dalgin (5), Sevda Dalgin (4), Sebahat Macar (50), Hulya Aslan (18) and Mensure Aslan (44) were killed. On the other hand Fethiye Turan, Tugba Turan (11) and Nurcan MAcar (19) was badly injured.

Meanwhile the other terrorist group, which blocked the motorway, attached a police armed vehicle and murdered 2 officers.

After they killed the people in Military Houses, terrorists attached the “Teachers Guesthouse” ( a hostel kind of place for the teachers who were just appointed to the city), forced everyone to leave the building, burnt the guesthouse and made propaganda speech.

A teacher described the horrifying evening as;

“They forced us to break the windows of the building and told us to give education based on their ideology.”

On that night a journalist (Yasar Aktay) was followed until his house and killed as well. Terrorists forcefully went into his house and killed him in there. The victim’s wife described the attack as;

“As soon as I heard the gunfire, Yasar rushed into the house. He had been threatened by PKK for a while. Hence I hid him to the basement. Just in minutes 5 terrorists came to the house, broke everything in the house and then klled my husband in front of my eyes.”

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