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Basbaglar Massacre

On 5 July 1993, fascist Kurdish terror organization PKK slaughtered 33 people in Erzincan/Kemaliye Basbaglar Village and burnt the village. basbaglar pkk

They killed 28 people gathering them on the Village square by firing squad and the remains by burning them alive in their houses.

After they slaughtered all of the civilian villagers, they left some papers which “We revenged on Sivas” was written on. 33 dead, 30 widow women, about 70 orphan children and debris of the burnt houses were left behind.


massacre of pkk


Papers which was written that Pkk did this attack to revenge on Sivas Madımak Hotel Massacre which was done by bigot people who are defender of sharia on were saying: People who were killed in Madımak Hotel were Alevi Kurdish and to reveng on it, Sunni Turkish people were killed in Basbaglar by PKK.

The aim of this planned attack was obvious and was that starting a conflict between Alevi and Sunni people in Erzincan and Sivas and spreading this conflict to the dentriment of Turkey to open field to themselves and expand their support.

They were planning to take support of Alevi people but these attemtps were without success. Locals showed bad reaction to their attemtps. They realized that they wouldn’t be able to have people kill each other and they tried to not undertake this massacre and blamed the Turkish state about it. After that, Abdullah Ocalan-Leader of PKK- said “this massacre was done out of my order and knowledge” like he did after every attack that they couldn’t take reaction they want and blamed Dr. Baran for this massacre.

pkk massacres



In the speacial issue of 95-97 years of Serxwebun, we can see the letter below which was written to Ercan’s mother by one responsible person of teror organisation after being killed of Ercan Sönmez-Code Name: Kazım- by his own organisation: “Party never blame anyone because of that attack. Futhermore, the attack had been undertaken”

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pkk massacres basbaglar



basbaglar massacreAt the evening of 5 july 1993, Pkk terorists who were about 60 people surrounded the village from three sides. At about 20.00, men of the village were preparing to go to mosque to pray. At that moment, 20 of terrorists kept the enterance of the village and cut phone cables to prevent calling help. Rest of the terrorists group got into the village. Imam of Mosque had just started to recite the azan, he felt terrorist’s gun pointing to his head and terrorists got him outside. Terrorist were spreaded all around the village and gathered all of the men on the hill near village. They also gathered all of the women in a creek other side of village. They said “We will just make a speech” to prevent resistance. Some of these terrorists were waiting inside the village with some burning stuff in their hands. Task of this group was burning the houses and mosque after massacre.
pkk massacres
Men of village were killed by firing squad. Firstly, they made a speech supporting PKK and then killed them. 28 people were slaughtered barbarously over there. After that, terrorists who were inside the village burnt all of the houses. 5 people were killed in burning house. 69 houses, the mosque and 4 cars were burnt in the village. Women which gathered other side of the village gave their jewellery to save the men, however they weren’t able to prevent this massacre.


next morning in basbaglar

WITNESS OF THE MASSACRE TELLS: “They thought that I’m dead and left me”

Mukhtar Ali Akarpinar, who was shot and left behind being thought he is dead, told what he lived that day in Turkiye Newspaper:

It was a day of july like today. Basbaglar woke up happy to day. Our relatives had come from abroad. They had sent us even a Minibus from Germany, eventually our village would had its own car. At that time Basbaglar was vibrant. Crops were ready to harvest. We were in the mosque for Evening Pray. Terrorists come with guns in their hands, they were very young. They had taken us to upside of the village. To be honest, they hadn’t pushed or forced us. They had made propaganda for about 30-45 minutes. Actually, they had detained us while the others had been looting our homes. When we had seen spreading smoke from village, we had realized that they had burnt our houses. Our houses were made of wood and attached. There were barns under the houses, I can’t express how bad smell it was. I can still hear scream of animals in my ears. We had counted about 40 terrorists, however according to intelligence they were about 100. Suddenly fire order had been given, first bullet had got into my chest and had left my body from my armpit. I had fallen on ground and fainted. I guess they had thought that I’m dead. For a moment I had opened my eyes and had seen the burning village. Kamil Akpinar were laying near me. He had said that he was extremely thirsty, I wasn’t able to move to find some water to him. He couldn’t stay alive unfortunately. Baspinar district was 30 km away from us. There was a Police station over there. Yukarı Mutlu village was really close to us, they may have called the police and other authorized people. 565 sheel casing had been collected in scene. That means they had spent at least 20 magazines of bullet. Five neighbours of us had been killed in their houses by burning.


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Names of the people who slauhgtered wildly in Basbaglar Massacre(Numbers are their ages):

hani massacre by pkk

Hani Massacre

Hani katliamı

Media wing of PKK – Serxwebun, 1992 November issues, page 20

On 9th of November 1992, PKK attached Diyarbakir Hani. Initially terrorists targetted government buildings such as post offices, courts and the Army Center. Then they started setting up cars on fire and attached houses and flats randomly.

12 people died on this attach including; 4 kids and 4 women. It is believed that Semdin Sakik (PKK’s Diyarbakir authority) organized this attack. This was also acknowledged PKK on their local magazine (Serxwebun) in November 1992.

PKK'nın Hani saldırısı


The witnesses described the night as;

Around 200 PKK members started surrounding Hani around 7.30pm. Meanwhile another PKK group blocked the motorway to Hani to prevent army support to go into the county.

First they started attacking government buildings with machine guns and rocket launchers. One group surrounded “Military Housing”, forced residents to go out by threatening to set the buildings on fire. Once the residents went out, terrorists started the heavy gunfire on them.

Military Office Employee Kemal Ay, his wife Nesrin Ay, their son Mustafa ay (6 years old) along with their guests civil servant Suleyman Dalgin, his wife Fatma Dalgin (26), their daughter Sedef Dalgin (5), Sevda Dalgin (4), Sebahat Macar (50), Hulya Aslan (18) and Mensure Aslan (44) were killed. On the other hand Fethiye Turan, Tugba Turan (11) and Nurcan MAcar (19) was badly injured.

Meanwhile the other terrorist group, which blocked the motorway, attached a police armed vehicle and murdered 2 officers.

After they killed the people in Military Houses, terrorists attached the “Teachers Guesthouse” ( a hostel kind of place for the teachers who were just appointed to the city), forced everyone to leave the building, burnt the guesthouse and made propaganda speech.

A teacher described the horrifying evening as;

“They forced us to break the windows of the building and told us to give education based on their ideology.”

On that night a journalist (Yasar Aktay) was followed until his house and killed as well. Terrorists forcefully went into his house and killed him in there. The victim’s wife described the attack as;

“As soon as I heard the gunfire, Yasar rushed into the house. He had been threatened by PKK for a while. Hence I hid him to the basement. Just in minutes 5 terrorists came to the house, broke everything in the house and then klled my husband in front of my eyes.”

2014 Murder: 76 years old Mustafa Bingol was murdered by PKK

2014 katliami In Tekman Erzurum, Mustafa Bingol was murdered by PKK in front of his house (19 November 2014) because he has reported PKK to police as the terrorist group was forcing villagers to do work for them.

Terrorists -a group of 6- went to the Haciomer Village (Tekman, Erzurum) around midnight and rang the doorbell of Mustafa Bingol. Once the door was opened, Mustafa Bingol was killed immediately by gunfire.

Murat Bingol, the nephew of the victim said; “My uncle was known with his thoughts and behaviors against PKK. Around 3 weeks ago, terrorists came to the village, forced villagers to cook for them. My uncle went to the police office and reported this illegal activity. On the murder night, terrorists went to my uncle’s doorstep, convinced him to open the door by introducing them as army members. As soon as he opened the door, terrorists murdered him. Luckily other members of the family managed to save their lives by hiding inside the house”.


Savur Massacre

PKK attacked to Ormancık and Akyürek villages of Savur province in Mardin with RPGs and gas bombs and killed 21 people including 11 children on 21 January 1994.

PKK assumed the responsibiltiy of attacks and published a declaration related to the attacks in January 94 edition of its Serxwebun magazine. The declaration:

savur massacre

“Menda and Eskılan (Kurdish names of those villages) ranger villages located around Benedura area of Savur province were raided by guerillas. A lot of gangsters / bandits (Rangers and their families called gangsters or bandts by PKK) killed of wounded.”

Savur Katliamı

24.01.1994, Milliyet newspaper, headline

THESE CHILDREN were other “GANGSTERS” killed by PKK on that attack.


Savur katliamı

Bilal DÜZGÜN was 12 years old when he died in that attack. Doctors was said that he had been killed with a kind of chemical gas. – 23.01.1994, Milliyet newspaper headline

Two seperate PKK group attacked the Ormancık and Akyürek villages simultaneously on 21 January 1994 around 8 PM. Rangers were responded quickly and clashes lasted until early morning hours and Rangers lost 4 of their friends during confrontation.

Savur katliamı

A Ranger family after the attack. They were crying for their daughter who was killed by PKK.

Rangers sent their wives and children to safehouses in the villages when PKK terrorists atacked but later PKK terrorists targeted those safehouses and opened fire with automatic rifles, RPGs and later on gas bombs and grenades. During attacks to the safehouses 15 women and children died and 8 were heavily wounded. Wounded women and children were taken to the Mardin Public Hospital but a child, Bilal Düzgün (12) died on the way to hospital.

Victims of these bloody attacks:

⦁ Hüsnü DÜZGÜN – M (80 Years old)
⦁ Hanım DÜZGÜN – F (75 Years old)
⦁ Resul FİDAN – M (66 Years old)
⦁ Zeynep DÜZGÜN – F (40 Years old)
⦁ İsmail AYKAL – M (40 Years old)
⦁ Sevi AYKAL – F (35 Years old)
⦁ Mehmet Şirin DÜZGÜN – M (23 Years old)
⦁ Sabiha DÜZGÜN – F (21 Years old)
⦁ Cemile DÜZGÜN – F (20 Years old)
⦁ Cemal DÜZGÜN – M (20 Years old)
⦁ Melekşah DÜZGÜN – M (18 Years old)
⦁ Seve DÜZGÜN – F (18 Years old )
⦁ Behiye FİDAN – F (18 Years old )
⦁ İmran DÜZGÜN – F (15 Years old)
⦁ Bilal DÜZGÜN – M (12 Years old)
⦁ Feride DÜZGÜN – F (10 Years old)
⦁ Hüseyin DÜZGÜN – M (7 Years old)
⦁ Fahri DÜZGÜN – M (7 Years old)
⦁ Dilber DÜZGÜN – F (4 Years old)
⦁ Hüseyin AYKAL
⦁ and an Unnamed Victim