2014 Murder: 76 years old Mustafa Bingol was murdered by PKK

2014 katliami In Tekman Erzurum, Mustafa Bingol was murdered by PKK in front of his house (19 November 2014) because he has reported PKK to police as the terrorist group was forcing villagers to do work for them.

Terrorists -a group of 6- went to the Haciomer Village (Tekman, Erzurum) around midnight and rang the doorbell of Mustafa Bingol. Once the door was opened, Mustafa Bingol was killed immediately by gunfire.

Murat Bingol, the nephew of the victim said; “My uncle was known with his thoughts and behaviors against PKK. Around 3 weeks ago, terrorists came to the village, forced villagers to cook for them. My uncle went to the police office and reported this illegal activity. On the murder night, terrorists went to my uncle’s doorstep, convinced him to open the door by introducing them as army members. As soon as he opened the door, terrorists murdered him. Luckily other members of the family managed to save their lives by hiding inside the house”.


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