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Yolalan Massacre – October 25th, 1993

yolalan massacre

“Militia punished 4 teachers who were in collaboration with the enemy in Yolalan village of Bitlis. Furthermore 2 primary schools, 1 secondary school and a health clinic were burned down by PKK militia. ” – 26th October, 1993 (Here PKK is acknowledging the killings of 4 teacher, but not mentioning the little girl Betül Tekin.)

On the evening of the 25th October,1993 militants of the kurdish terroristic organization PKK striked the town of Yolalan, and savagely murdered 4 teachers and a two year old girl.

The attack, which was also admitted by PKK in their own press, happened after Adullah Öcalan’s intructions to murder all those with Turkish ID working in the region without a permit from PKK, especially teachers. The result of these instructions was violent murders of 4 teachers and a 2 years old girl by the PKK thugs.

The kurdish fascists first assared Geography teaher Adurraha Nafiz Özağrıaçık ad Religion/ Ethics teacher Ergin Komut with machine guns in front of the school, later found and murdered the couple Bayram and Yasemin, and their 2 years old daughter who were hiding in a house in the village of Düz. These people, regardless of the regional difficulties and threats to their lives, of whose only objective was bringing education to the children of the region, were savagely murdered by PKK terrorists, this massacre has been documented and accepted as described here by both the TR state, and PKK.

9 years after this massacre more details have been revealed in a book written by a PKK confesser; a kurdish worker of the health clinic (which was the first site visited by the assaulters) Celalettin Toktas persuaded the Özbağrıaçık and Komut families to be out of the building where they took refuge, and therefore caused their murders by the hands of PKK monsters. This person is now in a prison serving life sentence.

The names of the 4 martyr teachers of the Yolalan Massacre have been given to schools in our country, and a nursery school has been named after our Betül daughter who was murdered as shot down at the back at the age of 2.

They are all immortal for us.


Yolalan Katliamı 1993 Şehidi

(29.07.1962 – 25.10.1993)

Born in Osmaniye in 1962, she was a graduate of Biology Department of Kazım Karabekir Faculty, Atatürk University. She was appointed as a teacher to the Merkez Düzköy Erikli village Primary School in Bitlis city. While an employee of this school, on the date 25.10.1993 with her husband who also was a teacher, and with her only child Betül became a martyr.

Her name is given to a primary school in Tatvan.


Yolalan Katliamı 1993

(18.04.1964 – 25.10.1993)
Born in 1964 in Kırşehir, after graduatig from Biology Departmet of the Faculty of Kazım Karabekir, Atatürk University he was appointed as a teacher to Secondary School of Merkez Düzköy Erikli village in Bitlis. During his employment he became a martyr on the 25.10.1993 with his also a teacher wife, and daughter Betül.

His name is given to a primary school in Tatvan.


Abdurrahman Nafiz ÖZBAĞRIAÇIK

Abdurrahman Nafiz ÖZBAGRIACIK
(01.02.1957 – 25.10.1993)

Born in 1957 in Konya, a graduate of Geography Department of University of Anadolu, A. N. Özağrıaçık worked i Istaul etwee the years 1982 – 1991, then appointed to the Yolalan Village Secondary School in Bitlis as a deputy head teacher. While serving in that position became a martyr on the 25.10.1993.

A primary school in Hizan county, Bitlis has been named after him.


Yolalan Katliamı 1993

(07.09.1959 – 25.10.1993)

Born in 1959 in Kocaeli, he was graduated from Theology Faculty, University of Marmara. While working as a Religious Culture and Ethics teacher for the Yolalan Village Secondary School, Bitlis he became a martyr on the 25.10.1993.

His name is given to a primary school in Bitlis.

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